About these planners

The Greek word for planet translates to wandering star, named for the way the planets can be observed moving in their own paths through the sky. I chose this name for the planner because looking at the sky is the foundation of my practice. 

Wandering Star planners are calculated using US Mountain Time set to Denver, CO. There are free apps such as World Clock that will convert to whatever time zone you're in. 

Sign changes of the sun, moon, and all planets (plus dwarf planets Ceres & Pluto) are noted. I also include retrogrades of the three planets closest to Earth, referred to as personal planets: Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Aspects are limited to conjunctions with the sun.

There is plenty of space for you to write in more aspects, notes about your birth chart, spiritual practice, or whatever is useful to you.  

Wholesale pricing available. Email: wanderingstarplanner (at) gmail.com 

About me

Hi, my name is Esme. I'm an astrologer and the creator of Wandering Star Planner. I'm passionate about sharing the tools astrology gives us in simple and easy-to-use ways.

When I first started to learn astrology my planner was the tool that taught me the most - sometimes without even realizing it. By putting astrology into my planner I was able to make connections between the sky and my life. 

Although I grew up around various Buddhist traditions and learned to meditate in a Buddhist temple at 15 years old, I felt distant from my spiritual side. Astrology gave me a spiritual language. 

I've been influenced by the work of Demetra George, Bernadette Brady, and Clare Martin, among others. I furthered my study with the Hellenistic Astrology course from Chris Brennan and completed a mentorship program with Kelly Surtees.

I blend traditional and modern approaches in my work, and use Whole Sign houses with the Tropical zodiac.